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Lifestyle Books<br>Prayers for Friday Night OUT OF PRINT

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Lifestyle Books
Prayers for Friday Night OUT OF PRINT

$24.99 $17.99


Compiled by Rabbi Chaim Miller

With groundbreaking, interactive features, the Lifestyle Books Prayers for Friday Night transforms the text into an experience-personalized, engaging and happening now. Its goal is to uncover the spiritual potential and human relevance in every line.

Features include:

Full Hebrew Text of all the prayers said on Friday night, in the synagogue and at home, beautifully typeset by an award-winning designer.

Personalized Running Commentary that gives voice to hundreds of Jewish thinkers and mystics, in a chorus that will speak to your life. The insights address profoundly relevant issues at the core of the human experience: questions of purpose, relationships, identity and meaning.

6.5" x 8.5" ,192 pages, Soft Cover
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Lifestyle Books - Five books of Moses

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